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Maremmano-Abruzzese Shepard is Italian working breed. Its history counting more than 2000 years. In any book, written by Italian authors-breeders about Maremmano-Abruzzese there is information about the history of the breed, its characteristics, exterior etc. You can find a lot of illustrations and pictures of famous and legendary dogs in these books. It is a great pleasure for the owner to see a picture of a Champion in the book and to find him in the Pedigree of his bellowed dog.

The history of our roots has a great meaning. This is the basis of the breeding. It is very important to keep the precious information when there is a real risk to lose it. Now we can recreate valuable and nearly lost information and bring the new one about new lines in breeding etc. Our beloved Maremmano-Abruzzese dogs deserve to be in the virtual catalogue of the breed. Maybe someone will find your dog as the partner for mating his own, or maybe wants to have a look at brothers and sisters of his dog, or to see the pictures of the ancestors. This kind of information is really valuable for the breeders. Here you can see the Pedigree, the blood lines, to evaluate the inbreeding possibilities, to combine dogs couple, to look at the previous puppies.

Let us all together spend some little time to fill in the catalogue and it is truly possible that exactly your information will help somebody. Everything is in your hands!

Our website is created for the ones who loves and appreciates the breed, who is not indifferent to these big, strong, beautiful and intelligent dogs, to our white guardians.

Within the project the program of publishing all available information will be realized – information about all Maremmano-Abruzzese Shepards living nowadays or before, starting from the very beginning of breed source.

The project will be realized to assist to all involved in Maremmano-Abruzzese Shepard breeding and to all who want to acquire a puppy of this breed.

About website sections:

The section VIRTUAL CATALOGUE is a virtual database of the MA breed opened for everyone.

The section DOG SHOWS is for quick input and performance of the dog shows results in combination with the catalogue data.

The section ARCHIVE is for different documents about the breed and its history: scans of the rare dog show catalogues, reports, articles etc.

The section KENNELS presents the information about the existing or existed Kennels, Clubs (club sections), registered kennel prefix, as well as about private persons who took and take part in breeding of Maremmano-Abruzzese Shepard.

The rules of the breed catalogue filling you can read here:

All questions, suggestions and comments about the Virtual Catalogue you can send the the address of the National Breed Clud.

7 sires, having biggest number of offspring in the base

69 Offspring in base
43 Offspring in base
Cesare Degli Elmi
39 Offspring in base
36 Offspring in base
36 Offspring in base
34 Offspring in base
Romul Vulka
33 Offspring in base
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